Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Weather Tips

Mud, mud, mud...this winter is setting up to be a bad one with all of the moisture late last year and the freeze-thaw that we are currently experiencing.

Tails that drag in the mud form mud balls that can get tangled in legs and blankets and be dangerous. I suggest cutting your horse's tail at mid-cannon bone (about 4" below the hock) and/or braiding it. Tails do grow back, I promise.

If you are blanketing your horse, stay on top of weather conditions and temperatures, and monitor the condition of your blanket. We will refasten straps when we see that they are undone, but poor fitting blankets can be dangerous and ripped blankets will not keep your horse dry.  Never blanket a wet horse.

Often horses, especially those with white/sensitive skin on their lower legs will develop irritated and scabby skin when wet, muddy conditions persist. When you have a good opportunity, wash and/or groom your horses fetlock area to relieve the skin and check for any issues like scabs or excessive heat. If a problem develops, you may need to keep your horse in a stall to heal.

If you need help managing your horse's blanket or would like to request a stall for the night, please give us plenty of time to take care of it before we finish our work day.

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