Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Lawrence Christmas Parade

The Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade takes place this Saturday, December 2nd at 11:00. Plans are in the works for a Twin Mill Farm entry in 2018 so check it out!

Tuesday, November 28th

Board bills are going out today, a little late due to the distraction of Thanksgiving.

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather this fall! We are working on perimeter fencing today and I hope the full front pasture will be reopened soon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday, November 15th

Pasture herds are on their regular schedule, going out to the pasture after the frost burns off in the mornings, but are beginning to bring themselves in early to eat hay.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Save the Date!

Mill Creek Pony Club is hosting a pot luck lunch and Hunter Pace and Poker Ride on Sunday, November 5th beginning at 10:00.

Chili will be provided, please bring a side dish to share.

Hunter Pace:
Teams of 2-3 will ride a marked trail using a description of the pace ridden by the "Pace Rider" i.e., ...walk across the creek and then trot through the pasture to the gate...The team closest to the Pace Rider's time is the winner. There will be a walk/trot option and a walk/trot/canter option.

Poker Ride:
Teams will collect envelopes with a total of 6 playing cards along the ride. Discard one and make the best poker hand that you can.

Ribbons and Prizes!

Monday, October 23rd

Footing is a little soggy after 2" of rain on Saturday night.

The mare herd will be out today from 9-2.
The gelding herd will be out from 2-5.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday, October 12th

The gelding herd will be in the pasture this morning and the mare herd will be on the pasture this afternoon.

Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10th

Stall horses came in before the rain today, they have hay in their stalls and will be grained at the normal time.

The gelding herd was in the pasture this morning and the mares are out now. Both herds have fresh round bales today.